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Guavate, Puerto Rico

Lechon Cebu

         Cebu-Style Roasted over Charcoal & Oak Wood

If there’s one dish that is a constant in any Filipino celebration, it is lechon (roasted piglet). You can usually see the whole pig right in the center of the dining table making it the center piece of the feast. Filipinos love to go ahead prying to be the first to get the crispest skin and the yummiest meat.

Roasting a whole pig is a great American tradition, too. Besides being a part of our cultural history, the pig and the pig roast have come to symbolize the essence of the community cookout and the shared work and pleasure that is involved. It is not simple tasks as those who have done it already know and there is much to be considered if everyone is to enjoy the feast. We specialize in not only selling you what you need to cook the pig, but being there to help you if you need it.


There are many ways to cook a pig from burying it in the ground to boiling it in hot oil. We specialize in rotisserie over charcoal cooking, not because it is the easiest or tastiest, but because it represents the most authentic and entertaining way to cook it. There is nothing like watching a whole hog turn slowly over several hours, slowly browning and transforming into a delicious meal. It is a great feat that requires some skill, good fortune, the right ingredients, the right equipment and some good advice. Look for us at the contact page for ordering or call us for a lechon reservation.


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